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Welcome to Bitzu Dome-Bijagua Riverside Glamping

If you are a nature lover – if you like adventure, visiting waterfalls, swimming in crystal-clear rivers, hiking through forests, and bird and wildlife watching, among many other outdoor activities, then you will definitely enjoy your stay at Bitzu Dome. 

Experience a different world, just 8 minutes from downtown Bijagua and 25 minutes from Tenorio Volcano National Park (Río Celeste).

Bitzu Dome offers a unique experience centered around private lodging, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and surrounded by an environment of calm, where you can breathe peace and tranquility – and still, with all the necessary comforts to enjoy your glamping stay. 

Bitzu Dome offers a kitchen with all the necessary implements to prepare your own food, as well as a spacious room and terrace. From all our rooms and especially from the dome’s outdoor deck, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the exuberant forest, overflowing with trees and vegetation. Additionally, we have private parking for two cars, a Wi-Fi connection, and TV, among other amenities.

About Us

Bitzu Dome offers alternative accommodations aligned with the glamping concept, a style of “glamourous camping” with a host of amenities and services not generally associated with camping in the traditional sense. This concept has become very popular with discerning adventure travelers who are unwilling to sacrifice comfort and luxury—a unique mix is what make our glamping experience so different from traditional accommodations. 

Here, you can experience all the comforts of a hotel paired with distinctive privacy and, above all, a comfortable space, fully equipped with everything necessary to enjoy your exclusive contact with nature: birds, mammals, and the water of the river running through the forest—a wholly different experience that is both extremely relaxing and liberating. 

In Costa Rica’s Bribri dialect, “Bitzu” means the messenger of cultures. This could be interpreted as a hummingbird. According to the Bribri culture, hummingbirds carry messages of harmony and peace. The dome—domo in Spanish—is a concept that defines our glamping structure: built in the round, a geodesic style.


Bitzu Dome was born as a travel venture. Its founder has long been passionate about adventure travel and visiting tropical and natural destinations that are abundant in rivers, wooded areas, volcanoes, flora, and fauna. 


More than twenty years ago, he visited Bijagua, a Costa Rican town flanked by the Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes. During that visit, he first saw the Celeste and Bijagua rivers and waterfalls. He fell in love with the place and has regularly returned ever since. 

Two years ago, he decided to buy land and build Bitzu Dome glamping to have accommodations all his own. At the same time, he wanted to make it available to national and foreign visitors who seek an escape from their daily routine by discovering novel places where they can rest and experience adventure travel.


What To Do in Bijagua?

  • Tenorio Volcano National Park: Visit the Celeste-Teñideros River waterfall, which is born of the volcano, as well as trails through the forest and bird and mammal watching. The park entrance is a 20-minute drive from Bitzu Dome.

  • Bijagua River Falls and Tenorio Volcano Viewpoint: You can enjoy two trails – the first, 2 km long, and the second, 1 km – on the eastern mountain of Miravalles Volcano. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to bathe in the Bijagua River pools located at the end of the 2-km trail; you can also enjoy another pool, located 1.5 kms from the river. The entrance to the trails is just 200 meters from our glamping site, at the Hotel Cataratas Bijagua Lodge.

  • Katira Labyrinth: Experience something new and enjoy the labyrinths – a theme park full of natural mazes, located in Katira de Guatuso, near the Celeste River. Located 45 minutes by car from our glamping site.

  • Miravalles Volcano National Park: Visit hot springs and extinct volcanic craters. You can also visit the surrounding waterfalls. All this, just 30 minutes by car from Bitzu Dome.

  • Night Tours: You’ll have the opportunity to take night tours to different tourist places located in the town of Bijagua, where you will experience, first-hand, our area’s diversity of amphibians, such as frogs and toads. You can also spot mammals, including the tapir, as well as a great variety of birds, thanks to an eagle-eyed tour guide. Located 5 to 15 minutes from our glamping site.

  • Visit the Celeste River: Get to know the riverbanks and bathe in pools located along the river basin, where certain tourist sites and various accesses are also located. We recommend visiting Cabinas Piuri, just 25 minutes by car from the Dome.

  • Gastronomy: You can enjoy the gastronomic offerings of local restaurants that offer everything from typical foods to seafood, meats, and other dishes that suit various tastes. 

  • Other Popular Destinations: Only a few hours from Bijagua, you can also visit other tourist destinations, including Cerro Pelado in Cañas, Arenal Volcano National Park in Fortuna de San Carlos, Llano Cortez waterfalls in Bagaces, and Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park. You can also visit the Blue River (Cathedral Waterfall and Morpho Waterfall), Curubandé, and North Pacific beaches, such as Playa del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Playa Calzón de Pobre, Playa Panamá, Playa Jobo, Playa Rajada and Rajadita, among many others. In addition, the city of Liberia, located 1 hour from Bijagua, offers a wide range of gastronomic services, entertainment, and an international airport, among many others.



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