Katira’s Labyrinth

Katira’s Labyrinth

Katira’s Labyrinth

You can live a new experience, enjoy the labyrinths, and its theme park full of figures made of bushes, located in Katira de Guatuso near the Rio Celeste. Located 45 minutes by car from the Glamping.

The idea of ​​the labyrinth came from its owner Rafael Arguedas about 5 years ago. He had a great fascination for labyrinths and decided to start the business, which, over the years, incorporated new elements such as a second labyrinth, a figure park and a platform. Since the demand for visitors was so great that he decided to expand the park in order to receive more visitors to the park.

This park has the following attractions:


Round maze

It has a circular shape and measures 5,300 meters, it is made up of poppy plants and was inspired by the solar system in its design. The tour lasts approximately 20 minutes, but being a labyrinth it has many traps and paths that lose the visitor, the idea is that people can have fun and use their ingenuity to find the correct path that leads to the center of the labyrinth where they can go up to a platform and observe the entire space from above and also take photos of the labyrinth. On this platform you will also be able to appreciate the entire park and buy a drink once the tour is over.


Square maze

It has a square shape and measures 3,800 meters and, like the round labyrinth, is made up of poppy plants. Your tour is approximately 20 minutes. It is more complex than the round maze as they have more traps and paths that do not lead to the center of the maze. At the end of the tour, the visitor will arrive at the center and there they will take a path towards its exit.


Figure park

It exists right next to the round labyrinth, it is a park made up of 30 figures of animals, mainly dinosaurs, dolls, spiders, turkeys among other animal figures, but the ones that stand out the most are the dinosaurs, since they are large. This park includes an area of ​​5,000 meters where visitors can take pictures with the figures of animals and have fun in this interesting park. The figures are formed by a tree called Laurel de la India and as they grow they give the shapes of the animals mentioned above.


Platforms / Viewpoints

The park has 2 platforms that serve as viewpoints of the park, where you can see the shape of the labyrinths and the figures of animals, one is located in the center of the round labyrinth, that is where the route of this labyrinth ends and it is perfect to take photos. The second platform is near the parking lot, it is a little higher and it also allows you to take photos and view the labyrinths and especially the park with animal figures, since it is right next to it.



Address: 500m north of Katira´s center, Guatuso, Alajuela.

Phone: (506) 8530-5414 

Price: General – ₡3.000 per person. Children over 5 years old pay as adults.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

The pass includes use of all facilities, parking and use of restrooms.

No prior reservation is required, the pass is purchased at the park facilities.

It is recommended to bring sunscreen, since on sunny days the sun is strong.

Forms of payment: Cash or mobile Sinpe in the park itself, prior or online reservations are not made. US dollars are also accepted. Sinpe at 8530-5414 in the name of Rafael Arguedas Villalobos.

Pets are allowed in all park facilities.

Email: rafael63arguedas@gmail.com